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Why should I use TheMobyShop for a repair?

In the new tech generation, we are now living in, our devices are more valuable than ever. TheMobyShop provides a high standard repair service and quality parts to ensure a satisfactory repair. We have a great success rate on repairing devices, even when other technicians have said that the device is non-repairable, we get you back online!

What should I do before I hand over my device?

We take data protection very seriously here at TheMobyShop and we are proud to say our growing customer base has full faith in our team. However, it is always recommended that you back-up your device and for security purposes reset your device back to factory settings before booking in. 

How long will my repair take?

Although we aim to repair devices within the 1-2 hours, some devices that are more complicated and can take up to 48-72 hours depending on how detailed or damaged the device is. 

To help us begin your repair why not book an appointment online or call our team!

Will my Manufacturer’s warranty be void if I use TheMobyShop?

We are a third-party independent repair service, using our service can void your warranty. However there is not need to panic as we offer our very own warranty for all our repairs! Please click here for more details and view our terms and conditions.

Are we an Apple & Samsung authorised supplier?

TheMobyShop is an independent alternative repair service to Apple and Samsung. We have a high standard of repair and ensure to use quality parts for all devices.

Why do TheMobyShop ask for my password or PIN for my device?

To ensure your device is all set to go upon collection we ask for your password when booking in the repair. The reason for this is during the repair our Smart Surgeons need to check the device functionality and further testing to ensure the device is operating fully before we can sign the handset out for customers to collect.

It is preferable to have a password for the device to test the device and rest assured no personal data is accessed. This avoids delays for your device repair and if any further work is needed to be carried out. If you do not feel comfortable providing your password, we do advice to factory reset the device before booking it in. You can view our privacy policy here.

How long does a repair take?

With everyone working from smartphones, laptops and tablets, our core focus at TheMobyShop is to ensure you are back online ASAP. Although we aim to repair devices within the 1-2 hours, some devices that are more complicated and can take up to 48-72 hours depending on how detailed or damaged the device is.

Does my phone come with warranty?

Our out of warranty/chargeable repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date the equipment/device is ready for collection. Please note liquid damaged equipment/devices DO NOT receive any warranty.

Please check our terms and conditions for more details.

Walk-in service, can I wait for my device?

Why not walk in and drop off your phone and we can have it repaired for you whilst you browse in the High Street or go for a coffee.

My screen has no crack but the touch is not working, do I need a screen replacement?

Yes, unfortunately at times if your device has been dropped and you can see no crack on the screen most of the time this is screen damage. We would advise for the device to be tested by our team who can then give you the answer. This can also include small cracks on the screen, a full screen replacement would be needed here also.

Are TheMobyShop screens original Apple / Samsung parts?

As an independent repair company, we strive to give the best service and use only quality parts for our repairs. We understand that as a customer you want to get the best value and this is why we also ensure we can provide quality and assurance that our parts are OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) or other quality alternatives.

What if I need support after I have collected my repair?

We are always happy to help and we like to build good relationships with our customers. Call us 01902 238788 or email our team repairs@themobyshop.com

Do you have any special offers?

We always have great deals on throughout the year. Join our mailing list or call our sales team on 01902 238788 and if your nice to us we may even throw in a freebie!

If you have any further questions please call our team, we are always happy for a chat 01902 238788